Revived Love

How many things in your home do you ever really fall in love with?

For some it is enough for things in a home to look great with modern design, materials and finishes, clever space saving units and objects of desire.

At Wonderworx our aim is to transcend that superficial attractiveness and touch people more deeply with a warmth, feel and elegance difficult to achieve with modern materials. We believe that in a world of mass produced and mechanically flawless products, what people really want to live with are a few great things that speak to them through their previous life and a deeper connection that only comes from extreme levels of hand craftsmanship.

We have searched, far and wide, for our customers imagined thing, reviving various hardwoods and carefully crafting into beautiful ‘one of a kind’ pieces: kitchen worktops, doors, tables, and benches. Meticulously chosen ‘Live edge’ timber for elegant and tactile breakfast bars. Rescued historical museum and vintage retail cabinets to become majestic kitchen/dining room islands. Offcuts and ‘fingers’ of rare woods lovingly revived and blended to give a staircase exquisite life and a bedroom wall ‘jaw dropping’ beauty.

Old school desks (complete with ink well and graffiti) continue to tell a fascinating ‘life’ story as do reclaimed school gymnasium wood floors and sports hall benches. Architects slimline wooden drawers, laboratory benches and stranger things like reclaimed dentists cabinets and industrial shelving units have become extraordinary beautiful centrepieces in homes. 

We’ll search for your thing and bring it to life, just tell us what it is you ‘really want to fall in love with’.

WONDERWORX – loving timeless perfect imperfection


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