Skillful as they are, Wonderworx handymen know their limits, for larger, more complex projects that ‘skill set’ may need to be at a whole new level: Wondermen level. Our ‘A’ team of dedicated craftsmen assemble and build things with extraordinary craftsmanship and attention to detail on every job they do.

If it’s your new kitchen (flat back or rigid carcass), a bathroom, wet room,  flooring, garden deck or full house renovation. Whether supplied by Wonderworx (we can more often than not save you oodles) or your own high street purchase (more often than not loads more oodles): rest assured our Wondermen will assemble or build it with what they refer to as ‘oomph’.

It’s all in their simple principle: “whatever the job, aim for the ‘oomph’ and don’t settle until we get it”. Ask them why? they’ll answer, simply – “because it matters”

If your thing or project needs Oomph call for our Wondermen and expect to be wonderstruck: not with the red cape, knickers and tights stuff though – cause that would be just weird.

“We will move heaven and earth until you are Wonderstruck”.

All fine and dandy but what does this mean?

  • We’ll listen, to your story, needs, plans, and wishes.
  • We’ll communicate.
  • We’ll do everything possible to lessen the disruption and your stress through careful planning and site management, we’ll even give you boxes (free) to safely, protect and neatly store your worldly’s’ whilst we do the work.
  • We will commence and complete the build when we say we will, convenient to you and within your time limits.

  • We will not carry out anything without your knowledge.
  • Our detailed quote will remain the same throughout the build with no surprise or hidden extras.
  • All site waste will be removed and disposed of responsibly.
  • The site will be left clean.
  • All our work is insured and guaranteed defect free.

Whatever the build it’ll be finished to an extraordinary level of detail.

WONDERWORX – oomph, because it matters.

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